Free Grants

Business Grant

The government regularly give out free grants to those they believe have a sustainable future in today’s UK economy. Business grants are there to provide people to start up or expand their business, business ideas and products. As well as start up grants the government also give grants for those who wish to expand, after all the bigger your business turnover the more tax the government will earn from your business.

Young or old, if your business idea’s are viable and you qualify for the government grant then you should have no problem getting a grant. Specifically for younger people the Princes trust have been helping people for years as a youth charity.

A company called “Business Link” also have great advice and help on what to do should you wish to go ahead and claim a business grant.

Grants for the Arts


The arts council is the one to look out for should you be a budding artist or established connoisseur of the arts. Sometimes artists need grants for installations or large art works that may take time and money that is currently out of reach of the artist. This being so art grants are a great way to side step the money problem and produce artwork that can be enjoyed by many. Artists grants are readily available to those who can prove the art will become a success in some way.

The arts council provides grants for the arts and funds arts activities for people in England. They help artists and arts organisations carry out their work.

Grants for minorities including Asian grants

Minority grants and Asian grants can be attend much on the same basis as if you were applying for a grant if not a minority or of Asian decent. That being said there are religious hurdles people must think about as many religions forbid the loaning of money/interest on money. This can be a problem for people such as Muslims. There are organisations out there that can deal with such problems such as the Phoenix Muslim Loan Fund. Funding is offered on an interest free basis, thereby complying with Sharia law requirements.

Other cultures and creeds can also benefit from governments grants such as the black community including black women. UK business grants has all the info for minority grants and standard government grants.

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