Energy grants?

How to avail energy grants?

A grant is the help provided by the government in the form of money or voucher to get a specific benefit. Quite often it is completely free or you are eligible to repay it in instalments to make it more comfortable for you. Most free grants is offered for specific utility suppliers or to encourage more and more people to use it for their comfort and at the same time being beneficial to the mankind in the long run like Green Deal Grant or Central heating grant. Both of these help in enhancing energy efficiency.

The top energy grants

Energy efficiency is one of them most prominent grant-giving areas because most of the Government funding in different countries is available to reduce the impact of energy saving on the environment. Various governments across the developing and developing countries are working towards providing more grants to people to help them implement various types of energy saving measures which is going to help save energy resources eventually. The most common one is the Government’s Energy Saving Trust (EST).

What benefits you can enjoy by getting grants?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, then you can qualify for things like getting a brand new boiler for your home to improve central heating system or getting addition glazing to your single paned windows to improve your home’s warmth and also economy. As part of the grants, you can get freebies like getting a new boiler to installation and it given to people who need more financial assistance like elders, low income families or disabled people. It is offered due to efficiency obligations to people falling in these categories.

Contributors to save energy

Boilers are one of the biggest reasons for fluctuating energy bills. If you are using an old one which is not too efficient then there is a likelihood that it might lead to higher energy bill. This is because the more heat it produces, it is more efficient. A new one can save as much as about £130 to £300 a year. So it is better to avoid a grant for its replacement. Another contributor is Cavity wall insulation which can save between £100 and £250 of your energy bills every year. Also a new loft with no insulation with 270mm of new insulation will help you to save £140-£250 a year.  So you should work towards qualifying for such freebies through free grants. For getting these benefits, you should however find out the eligibility.